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I present to you a nice interview with my dear friend Harald Grosskopf.

Hello Harald I would like to ask you some questions to publish an interview on my website . Are only about 5 questions. You can extend as you like. As were your beginnings in music and groups influenced you or type of music?

I started as drummer, aged 15, performing so called "Beat Music". That was in the summer of 1964. We called us "The Stuntmen" playing chart hits of that kind of style (Beatles, The Who, Kinks, Herman Hermits, Animals, Donovan a.s.o.), but also a few own compositions. 

What  studies did you do in music, what instruments did you like

From beginnings on I just played, without caring about music knowledge.

What were the directions on your style of music ?

Later in the Sixtieth I became a fan of Cream, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. I saw Pink Floyd in Hamburg at The Audi Maximum of the university. 2000 people in the audience. I payed in todays values 2 Euros. That was in 1970. Someone told me that I should not miss this band. I had no idea who they where, had never heard of them and was surprisingly very moved by their music. They performed from their first three albums " The Pipers At The Gates Of Dawn, "A Saucer Full Of Secrets" and "Ummagumma".  

Always psychedelic progressive rock or avant-garde ?

All of that and some Jazz too. I quite liked Barney Kessel`s wild electric guitar style. Also Beebop.
 Later Ravi Shankar, Santana. 

With whom you participated in musical projects

Klaus Schulze, Cosmic Couriers, Ash Ra Tempel, Ashra, Achim Witt, Lilli Berlin.

Music albums which you have made

Solo albums: "Synthesist", "Oceanheart", "World Of Quetzal", "Digital Nomad", Yeti Society", "Synthesist 2010"...

Instruments that often you play and how you produce your music

I use Ableton Live software to record my music. My favorite VST instruments are Zebra 2, and Diva by U-He music and an analog Moog Sub37.

What are your short-term goals or your current projects

My new album "Naherholung", which will be released online this month. Working on live performance with 3D Mapping (screening)

What do you think of the movement of German rock music .. ?

I liked Can, Harmonia, Neu. Most of German Rock music from the 70th was boring, because it was a cheap copy of Anglo American Rock.

And what do you think of the type of music that you started in the 70's ?

I was personally impressed by some of the early Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream albums. From that moment on I stopped being a Rock musician.

And the similar styles between such groups

We all used Synthesizers, in those time new instruments, never heard before by most people. Mostly used for bass lines and solo sounds. Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Harmonia and Neu still used Rock guitars. Only Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk just Synthesizers.

Thanks Harald it was a pleasure for me and
continue listen your work..!!

J.M. Culebro
Ultramusic  -  Stratosphera

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